This is how I roll.

So…I’ve been looking for ways to encourage people to give up their TV habit.  Well, not totally give it up.  Just lessen the load a bit.  Baby steps, if you will.  I keep finding articles and stories and I keep hearing of experiences from people that pound into my mind that TV really does stink quite a bit.  I’ll be sharing my stories and what I find here.  There’s so much more to life than sitting on the couch.  You’ll see.


4 responses to “This is how I roll.

  • David Rendall

    Love it! I need to kick my TV habit but the DVR makes it too easy to store up all my favorite shows. Maybe your blog will at least distract me from the tube for a while.

  • Nancy

    We deliberately gave up cable two years ago and our TV watching has shrunk exponentially. We had friends who laughed at us when we HAD TO get the converter box in order for our TV’s to work after the switch. Days go by that the TV does not get turned on and I love it. We do get shows and movies on DVD through Netflix, and we have a Wii which we play sometimes, but it’s when we want to WITHOUT ads. And we do let Isaac watch movies and shows on DVD, but we limit it. He has even started repeating our mantra of “Ads – yuck!”

  • Johnna McNeley

    My husband wants to give up Cable to save money. I never used to be a big TV fan, but recently realized how much I turn it on now that my kids have grown up and left. I listen while I work around the house more than I set to watch, but am realizing how bad this can be too, depending on what is on and the message being instilled in my brain.
    Maybe it’s time to give in – it’s such a small savings, but in reality it is saving more than money. Images we see can give us a false sense of reality. This in turns gives us unreal expectations, and makes us feel deprived or even ‘cheated’ in life.
    Includes how we look; what illness we might have and terrible medicines suggested to take to hide the symptoms; who cheats on who and how they do it and try to hide it; homes unrealistic for the ‘average joe’ budget, and so much more…..

    • TV STiNKS

      Thanks for your insight! What you’ll save is far more valuable than money. I think you’ll find that you won’t miss the sludge that you’ve been watching! Come back and let us know how things are going for you.
      TV STiNKS

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