My wife is hotter…

I realized something the other day: My wife is hotter than she used to be. Part of it is the mushy gushy “she’s the mother of your children” and “you know her better now than you did before” stuff. Like Stevie Wonder sang, I love her more today than yesterday. But I really think she’s hotter. Yes, time and kids change a woman’s body. But she’s hotter.

I think I know a big reason why. I have no “I’ve spent 7 hours in hair and makeup to look like this” hotties on TV to compare her to. Thankfully, I don’t have a TV to find someone more attractive than her – and you know they’re out there. Without these unfair comparisons, I can be more satisfied with the wife of my youth. TV can make anyone look pretty, sexy, etc. I’d just rather not see it and it makes life better for the two of us. Ain’t no woman like the one I’ve got. And I’m not sorry if this is TMI.


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