2010 – now with 2 months FREE!

What would you do if I said you could have more free time than you can imagine in 2010? Would you go back to school? Spend more time with your family? Start a business on the side? (Right, Pamela Slim?) Get a good night’s sleep?

I don’t have time for anything else. How often do we say that? It’s a pretty lame excuse that we give for not doing something to step out of our comfort zone for a little self-improvement. Our day seems to fill up with all the trivialities of life and there seems to be no time.

If you’re like the average American, however, the time killer is most likely your TV. Americans spend an average of four hours a day in front of the TV. Four hours of sitting and not doing. We don’t make resolutions to sit more. We make resolutions to do more. Four hours is 1/6 of a day. One-sixth of a year is TWO MONTHS. I’ll write that again because it’s so crazy: TWO MONTHS!

Want sixty more days in 2010 than you’ve ever had? Put your TV in a closet and leave it there. Sell it to some poor chap who doesn’t have the gumption to stop sitting and start doing. Get out of the rut you’re in, change the dynamics of your family, and begin to find life away from the television.

P.S. If you’re crazy enough to try this little (admittedly) non-conforming experiment, let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear from you and offer encouragement to keep it up!


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