Are you softly addicted?

When you think of being addicted, images of a non-functioning drunk, druggie, or porn-driven man come to mind. And while these addictions are absolutely destructive to people and society, there are more subtle and socially-accepted addictions that can take you down.

Judith Wright writes about so-called “soft addictions” where “seemingly harmless habits like over-shopping, overeating, watching too much TV, endlessly surfing the internet, and procrastinating actually keep us from the life we want. They cost us money, rob us of time, numb us from our feelings, mute our consciousness, and drain our energy. And we all have them.” The challenge for all of us is recognize the traps that trap us and avoid them. That’s one reason why my family doesn’t have a television.

Take Judith’s quiz (see link above) to see if you have a soft addiction. Then, if you do, write down some steps to move beyond that and make a positive change in your life’s direction.



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