Blessings and Curses

Nine years ago, my wife and I lived and taught in the beautiful town of Copan Ruinas, Honduras. My first realization that TV stinks came when we rode with a friend to her home for dinner.

As we bounced along the washed-out road, we noticed that a large number of people in the neighborhoods were gathered around a few TV sets scattered in houses here and there.

Our friend told us that before electricity had been brought to their barrio a few years earlier, people would gather in a similar way. The only difference was that friends and neighbors would sit around and talk to each other. TV had changed that. Now, electricity had brought blessings and curses: blessings such as electric appliances for those who could afford them and curses such as TV.

How is your home in comparison? Are your evenings filled with conversation? Or does David Letterman, Bear Grylls, or the SportsCenter guys have the last word of the night?



2 responses to “Blessings and Curses

  • Shana

    What about the time you spend in front of screens in general…namely the internet….blogs, facebook, etc? It seems to me its pretty much the same thing–taking time away from talking to each other.

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