Maybe later…

I’m not too good at math sometimes, but procrastination is a four-letter word.

I read something the other day by David McCasland where he wrote, “…it takes as much energy to avoid a task as it does to do it. Procrastination saps power; completion gives relief.”

Dang it. He’s right.

Procrastination saps every part of our lives, from work, to leisure, to relationships, and to contributing to the greater good.

This made me think about Clay Shirky.Mr. Shirky writes about the social and economic effects of Internet technology and has a book that I’d like to get a hold of. At any rate, a reviewer of this book on Amazon, Alyson had this to say:

Shirky suggests that the historical barriers to collaboration (principally time, expense, and the ability to easily find like-minded people) have been largely stripped away, enabling us to make better use of the unused brain cells (our cognitive surplus) made dormant by TV addiction.

Not only do we have a cognitive surplus, we also have a surplus of time! Many will call me crazy for writing that last sentence, but if we strip away the unnecessary things we’ve added to our lives, we probably have more “free time” than we realize.

Marriage in the crapper? Make time to make it better.
Kids growing up too quickly? Stop and spend the evening with them.
Have friends you haven’t seen in 25 years? Go see them!
Always say, “We should go there.”? Go there!
Want to volunteer somewhere? What’s stopping you?

We have the time and resources to do what was unheard of less than a generation ago. What will you do with it?


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