A Blast from the Past


You can probably tell by the subtle name of this blog that I don’t care too much for television. At first, I found this ad to be hilarious in its rosiness. Then I read the copy under the heading “Will television strengthen family ties?” Through my squinty eyes I read that “parents can select their children’s ‘TV diet’ from a wide variety of wholesome programming.” While a casual flip through the channels today reveals anything but a ‘wide variety of wholesome programming’, parents have the duty to monitor their kids’ viewing choices.

The Parents’ Television Council has a lovely color-coded chart that is limited in that it only covers the old-guard networks. But it does give you an idea about what other shows may contain.

There’s really not much that is wholesome and even beneficial on television today. But if your kids are going to watch something, you’d best be aware of what is in their “TV diet”.



2 responses to “A Blast from the Past

  • blackwatertown

    Reminds me of old cigarette ads – how sportsmen smoke, the smoke that’s gentle on your throat, etc… Maybe we’ll look back some day on TV in this way – though somehow I don’t think so.


    I have a feeling you’re right but the mounting scientific and social evidence about the negative affects of TV point in the right direction. TV should come with a surgeon general’s warning!

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