Could your bedroom TV make you fat?

An article published in the July 2010 issue of Behavior Modification found that people with a bedroom TV watched “significantly more TV (5.4 hours per day) than those without a bedroom TV (3.6 hours per day).”

Although the researchers from the University of Vermont found no direct link between hours of TV watched in the bedroom and Body Mass Index (BMI) rating, the people they studied were already overweight or obese.

Television watching is clearly not the only factor in determining our health. However, the cause and effect of TV watching and health does seem to exist. Studies have shown time and again that children with bedroom televisions have a greater chance of being overweight. I’m willing to bet that a larger study would find a correlation between adult BMI and hours of television watched in the bedroom.

Sitting (or reclining) in front of the television is not part of my doctor’s orders for a healthy lifestyle. How about yours?



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