My Feet Taught a Lesson

One Day Without Shoes

As a teacher, I like to find ways to make my students think I’m weird. I shave my head to raise money for St.Baldrick’s And today, I went barefoot. My feet hurt. That’s the point.

Today was TOMS shoes annual One Day Without Shoes. If you haven’t heard, TOMS has successfully combined business and giving by providing a new pair of shoes to kids without footwear when someone buys a pair.

It was a great chance to get the students at my school to look at me like I was crazy. It was even better to have them realize how fortunate they are to have their basic needs met. I teach in a high-poverty school. But none of the students there face the level of poverty much of the world deals with.

Hopefully by being crazy and a little weird, I can get my charges to think about ways they can solve a problem they see in their communities.


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