Homemade toothpaste?

I’m not a hippie. But I could be. My wife used to work for Dr. Joseph Mercola, who, at the time, I thought was a little batty. Dr. Mercola is completely, 100% for natural remedies for common ailments and diseases. I’m beginning to catch on to the wisdom he espouses through his blog and daily newsletter.

One day not long ago, the topic of the day was oral care. I’ve known for a while now that fluoride is a toxin and have asked not to have the standard fluoride treatment for our kids when we’ve taken them to the dentist. But we haven’t done anything about the fluoride that we buy.

I found a great website with a simple recipe for homemade, natural toothpaste. So we gave it a shot.

Here are the ingredients.

This is what my girls did after tasting it for the first time.

So we added more mint, more mint, and more mint until it tasted somewhat close to store-bought toothpaste (I shouldn’t have added the salt.). What resulted gained mixed reviews from a normally liberal panel when it comes to approving the taste of things.

We’ll see if the kids get used to it. It’s worth a shot! Maybe I am a hippie…



2 responses to “Homemade toothpaste?

  • Matt Jabs

    This is Matt from diyNatural.com. Try putting in some Xylitol and a little coconut oil. The coconut will improve the texture and the Xylitol is a natural sweetener that is also good for the teeth. I’ll be publishing an updated (and better tasting) toothpaste recipe on the site soon so don’t forget to subscribe! God bless.

    • TV STiNKS

      Thanks for the suggestion – I’ll look for some this week and try to turn our middle child’s opinion to a thumbs up! And I just subscribed to your site. Thanks!

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