June is National Audiobook Month

If you’ve seen the classic movie A Christmas Story then you probably remember the excitement of little Ralphie when Little Orphan Annie came on the radio. Dramatic radio was a tremendously popular medium before television and in the early years of moving pictures. We’re trying to bring it back, in a way.

Our seven year old daughter recently checked out some audiobooks from the library. She couldn’t stop listening to them. She closed the door to her room so she could give full attention. She gave us updates about the story. In other words, she loved it.

I used to have a looong commute to work so my brother-in-law suggested audiobooks to help pass the time. I didn’t think I’d like them because the idea sounded so old-fashioned. But I was wrong! The books I listened to were fantastic and fascinating. And because of the limited selection at our library, I was forced to pick stuff I wouldn’t have normally read but enjoyed them anyway.

If you haven’t given audiobooks a try, check out www.audible.com or www.librivox.com. Librivox offers free books that are public domain. Pick the Brain has more places to find audiobooks and podcasts. Check them out, err, download a book today and give it a try.


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