I’m an ordinary guy who thinks that people spend too much time sitting on their butts staring at a box (no matter how thin and 3-D the boxes are). Aren’t there better things to do with your life? YES!

Too much TV has been linked to all kinds of bad stuff.  It was even the topic of a Berenstain Bears book  – and you know it has to be serious if Mama Bear is on the prowl. Surely there are good things that come to people as a result of ditching the television!

I like hiking and being outside. I love my kids and wife. I like to learn new things.

And I want to encourage you to find life away from the television.

Plain and simple, I think you’re more important than a Sham-WOW! infomercial.  I hope you don’t mind.



2 responses to “About

  • unfinishedbizness

    I am so happy to have stumbled on this blog. I can’t stand how my fiance and daughter are glued to the TV always when we are home. It’s ALWAYS on! Sometimes I get so frustrated from talking to myself that I will turn the TV off and stand defiantly in front of it with my arms crossed until someone gives and has a conversation with me. Although I know I will never win the no TV fight in my own home, I APPLAUD you for making it work in yours!

    • TV STiNKS

      Thanks for dropping by! I hope you can have some gradual success at prying your family away from the TV and then to each other.

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