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The Lion’s Den

As a US resident, I enjoy living in relative safety. My car has airbags. My pancake syrup has a seal on it to tell me if someone’s messed with it. We don’t have lions roaming around trying to eat us. We’ve got a pretty good thing going.

But…we DO have lions roaming around. One of the biggest “lions” is naked women.

The Lion’s Den is a perfect name for a porn shop. Lion’s Den Adult Superstores had 38 locations as of 2009 in the United States (so says this article). Almost all of them are located along interstates. Men drive on interstates. Men are prone to like looking at women. It makes good business sense to put porn shops on interstates where men who like to look at women drive by.

If you’ve seen The Ghost and the Darkness you saw the fear that a prowling lion can strike in a human’s heart. You probably don’t want to see a lion because they are relatively scary and fierce.

So how is it that we miss THE lion who plans on killing us? He’s a sneaky devil. Oh wait, he IS the devil.

The problem is that the nasty porn lion is everywhere, not just lonely truck stops. Billboards, bookstores, grocery-store checkouts, hotel pay-per-views, the mall. It’s hard to look anywhere and not see cleavage and leg. When you’re married or want to be married, cleavage and leg that aren’t your wife’s aren’t good for you.

Peter wrote “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” Devouring is serious stuff. It’s not taste-testing.

If you’re a man, this is what porn does to you. You can’t taste-test porn or near-porn and come away unscathed. IT WILL KILL YOU! (And I don’t give a care about someone’s “rights” to be naked or semi-naked. Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t make it beneficial.)

Are you married? Watch out! Do you have a girlfriend? Watch out! Do you have kids? Watch out! Are you alive? Watch out! Porn can getcha, for real.

Abigail Tucker wrote an interesting article called The Most Ferocious Man-Eating Lions. She opens with this:

    In encounters with the king of beasts, an unarmed person is “one of the most helpless creatures,” notes Charles Guggisberg in Simba: the Life of the Lion. “Man cannot run as fast as a zebra or a gazelle, he has not the horns of the sable antelope or the tusks of the warthog, and he cannot deal terrific blows like the giraffe.” People are, in other words, easy pickings.

In my fight against the porn lion, I am not defenseless. I’ve learned where the lion hides. Plus, I’ve got a secret weapon: I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am.

My family is better for it.


Vehicular (checkbook) Homicide

My car history is not that impressive.
-1981 Mercury Cougar with every piece of fabric torn or ripped on the interior.
-1988 Ford Tempo that served me well unitl the trunk got smashed in.
-1988 Honda Accord with no-power power windows and no AC
-1992 Honda Accord that was about to be auctioned for parts but lasted me 7 years
-1999 Toyota Camry that I still drive

The cool thing: Three of those cars were either free or paid for with cash. The cooler thing: I don’t have a desire to test drive the all new 2011 something or other. My Camry has 182,000 miles and no payment.

I like having no car payment. Personal finance guru Dave Ramsey has something to say if you’re in the market for a new car.

Here’s the deal. Recent statistics show that one-third of car buyers sign up for a six-year loan at an average interest rate of 9.6%. Among these buyers, the average price of the car is just over $26,000. This means that one-third of the cars you see on the road are dragging a $475 payment behind them.

No TV means limited exposure to advertising which leads to increased satisfaction with the stuff I’ve got. I hope and pray that my financial decisions do not lead us into making $475 a month for a car.

How about you? Has the slick advertising of the latest and greatest car duped you into thinking you need it? Before going car shopping, you’d best ask Mr. Checkbook’s opinion on the matter and count the costs before signing on the line.


My wife is hotter…

I realized something the other day: My wife is hotter than she used to be. Part of it is the mushy gushy “she’s the mother of your children” and “you know her better now than you did before” stuff. Like Stevie Wonder sang, I love her more today than yesterday. But I really think she’s hotter. Yes, time and kids change a woman’s body. But she’s hotter.

I think I know a big reason why. I have no “I’ve spent 7 hours in hair and makeup to look like this” hotties on TV to compare her to. Thankfully, I don’t have a TV to find someone more attractive than her – and you know they’re out there. Without these unfair comparisons, I can be more satisfied with the wife of my youth. TV can make anyone look pretty, sexy, etc. I’d just rather not see it and it makes life better for the two of us. Ain’t no woman like the one I’ve got. And I’m not sorry if this is TMI.