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Screen-Free Week 2011

You can do it!

Screen-Free Week starts TOMORROW and I think we’re ready. Are you up to the challenge? You’ll find you have so much more time to do the stuff and hang out with the people you say you don’t have time for.

Let us know how things are going as you move through your own Screen-Free Week. Best wishes!



Delicious Imaginations

What happens when kids don’t spend hours in front of the television? They create. Rocks become a decadent meal. A sheet and clothesline become an impenetrable castle. A tree branch becomes an umbrella for the downpour that’s about to start…now! My kids amaze me at the creativity they display. I wish that I could recapture some of that magic.

How does your child’s imagination amaze you?


Are you making curious readers? has a new campaign to promote parent-child reading interaction. I like it.

DVR is (not) great!

Right now, my wife and I are watching episode after episode of some show we recorded on my bro-in-law’s DVR.  It’s great, if you’re into that sort of thing.  And by “that sort of thing” I mean wasting time when you want to rather than when the networks say you have to. 

Look, I really like TV.  But it keeps me from doing things that will matter even ten minutes from now.  And it definitely keeps me from doing things that will matter in 5, 10, 30 years.  Case in point:  My girls were playing with dolls today.  I was watching some sports show.  Who cares if Tiger Woods will or will not get fined?  I missed watching my kids and building that seemingly elusive family equity that people often wish they had.

I’ll get it right next time.

But family stuff is not the only thing that gets pushed out the door.  I found a video by a passionate guy named Gary Vaynerchuk who is big in the world of wine.  At the Web 2.0 Expo NY he told people to “stop watching $*%# episodes of Lost!” if they want to change their work situation.  I couldn’t agree more.

Do you have an idea for something big?  Don’t let Real Housewives get in your way.  Don’t let TV stop YOUR show.